Monday, October 6, 2014

Macks Birthday

For Macks birthday we had all of our family over and BBQ'd and had cake and had so much fun! We are so blessed to have such amazing families to share these memories with!

Jane's 2 week pictures

Mark and Shanna's family were all sick after we had Jane so they weren't able to meet her until she was 2 weeks old. So they came over on a Sunday and we BBQ'd chicken and Shanna took some pictures of Jane for us. She is so awesome when it comes to taking pictures.

Jane is 3 Months

Jane is 3 months! We are loving her more and more each day.

  • She is a really good sleeper at night, but her naps during the day are not so good
  • She rolled over for the first time on her 3 month birthday
  • She still sleeps with her eyes only half closed
  • She loves being cuddled
  • She loves to smile
  • She still has red hair

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Here are some things that have been going on in our lives and what we have been up to the last few months!

We went to the Drive-in!

We went on some dates!

Macks played Dress up

More Dates

John ran a 5k

More Dress up for Macks

I did Macks nails with my Jamberry nail wraps

Macks had her first Daddy Daughter date and loved it!

Macks has become a little dare devil

I am ready for football season with my Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jane is 2 months old

Jane is 2 months old and I cant even believe it, here are some updates for her.
  • She weighs-10lbs 7oz
  • 22.5" tall
  • Can wear a few of her 0-3 month clothes (still pretty baggy)
  • Got her ears pierced and took it like a champ, she cried less than she did her her shots
  • She is sleeping lots better! Almost all night
  • She is starting to smile
  • Her hair is staying Red! :) 
  • She loves her sister

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jane 1 Month

Jane is a month old
here is a little bit about how this last month has gone
  • She is a horrible night time sleeper (when compared to Macks) she will sleep in 3-4 hr stretches.
  • She loves to be held and if she is not being held she will cry
  • She weighs about 10lbs and that is already more than Macks weighed at 2 months!
  • She a little bit more alert but still sleeps so much
  • She hates bath time and getting her bum changed
  • She loves Macks and will smile at her all the time